Are Poker Sites Rigged?

Online Poker Sites – Are They Rigged? Know the Facts

Unlike what you might imagine and be led to believe, it seems that certain online poker sites are rigged. That means, they employ the usage of bots, which can manipulate the way the poker games are played online. You may or may not have noticed that when you play online poker on specific poker sites, sometimes you end up having all the luck in the world whilst at other times, it just seems like you got off the wrong side of the bed.

How can you tell?
The real question is whether you as a poker player can actually tell if a particular poker site is rigged or not. If you notice a definite pattern on a poker site like let’s say you have managed to cash out your chips for a couple of days and after that you go on a spree of losses, it cannot be all that random. There are chances that this poker site in question is rigged. Whilst many poker players have this doubt in their heads, few ever muster up the courage to say it aloud. Well, here we help you guess if a poker site is really rigged or not.

The common opinion
The common opinion, even amongst the expert poker players is that there is no real way to check the true legitimacy of a poker site or any poker site, for that matter. Given the fact that a majority of the best poker sites (like PartyPoker) make huge amounts of money online, they would definitely not want to risk it all because of cheating or rigging the site. Most players check out and play on online poker sites because of the implicit convenience.

Strange plays
If you notice the following things, chances are the poker site could be rigged. For example, whenever you play poker on the site and you find someone else making a strange play, which results in a win, it could be that the poker site is rigged. Sometimes, players may call on river and still end up losing all the times that they do.  Some strange plays are due to players trying to get maximum points to earn their poker bonus.  At other times, long shot type of draws such as gutshots but the odds of this happening are one in ten shots. However, if this happens a lot, then the poker site could be rigged.

Bad play selectively
This is another very common pattern, which is found on rigged poker sites. In such a scenario, a player will not play any hands for thirty times in a row and suddenly he finds 94 interesting when you have AA whilst the flop is at 993. This kind of scenario is extremely difficult and rare to find and the chances of it happening are indication that the poker site could potentially be rigged. The funny thing is that if the same thing were to happen offline, there would be a consistent pattern observed in that the bad player would always play bad but in the online poker sites, there is every chance of the site being rigged to cheat players.

UPDATED – Just saw this Is PokerStars Rigged article and it’s pretty good.