Are Poker Sites Rigged?

Online Poker Sites – Are They Rigged? Know the Facts

Unlike what you might imagine and be led to believe, it seems that certain online poker sites are rigged. That means, they employ the usage of bots, which can manipulate the way the poker games are played online. You may or may not have noticed that when you play online poker on specific poker sites, sometimes you end up having all the luck in the world whilst at other times, it just seems like you got off the wrong side of the bed.

How can you tell?
The real question is whether you as a poker player can actually tell if a particular poker site is rigged or not. If you notice a definite pattern on a poker site like let’s say you have managed to cash out your chips for a couple of days and after that you go on a spree of losses, it cannot be all that random. There are chances that this poker site in question is rigged. Whilst many poker players have this doubt in their heads, few ever muster up the courage to say it aloud. Well, here we help you guess if a poker site is really rigged or not.

The common opinion
The common opinion, even amongst the expert poker players is that there is no real way to check the true legitimacy of a poker site or any poker site, for that matter. Given the fact that a majority of the best poker sites (like PartyPoker) make huge amounts of money online, they would definitely not want to risk it all because of cheating or rigging the site. Most players check out and play on online poker sites because of the implicit convenience.

Strange plays
If you notice the following things, chances are the poker site could be rigged. For example, whenever you play poker on the site and you find someone else making a strange play, which results in a win, it could be that the poker site is rigged. Sometimes, players may call on river and still end up losing all the times that they do.  Some strange plays are due to players trying to get maximum points to earn their poker bonus.  At other times, long shot type of draws such as gutshots but the odds of this happening are one in ten shots. However, if this happens a lot, then the poker site could be rigged.

Bad play selectively
This is another very common pattern, which is found on rigged poker sites. In such a scenario, a player will not play any hands for thirty times in a row and suddenly he finds 94 interesting when you have AA whilst the flop is at 993. This kind of scenario is extremely difficult and rare to find and the chances of it happening are indication that the poker site could potentially be rigged. The funny thing is that if the same thing were to happen offline, there would be a consistent pattern observed in that the bad player would always play bad but in the online poker sites, there is every chance of the site being rigged to cheat players.

UPDATED – Just saw this Is PokerStars Rigged article and it’s pretty good.

Ultimate Bet Poker

Ultimate Bet Review – A Paradise for Online Poker Players

UPDATE – UB had their domain seized when poker sites were shut down by the FBI and DOJ on 4/15/2011.  They have stopped accepting US Poker players and are “re-structuring” their business.  The problem is most of the UB business consisted of US poker players.

Ultimate Bet Poker belongs to the top five poker rooms with impressive player base and traffic. The site is buzzing with 24/7 poker action. That is why poker pro Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke prefer to play at Ultimate Bet. By the way, you can chat with these two great poker legends at the high stakes tables.

Ultimate Bet is part of the Cereus Network together with Absolute Poker. The two rooms merged in late 2008 which furthered multiplied the number of players at Ultimate Bet. Because of the merger, you can easily transfer your funds from Absolute to Ultimate Bet and vice versa giving you more chances to challenge more poker players around the world.

This online poker room accepts U.S. and Canadian players and does not have restrictions for other poker players around the world. There is currently a $1100 Bonus Code for 2011

Game Varieties and Winning Odds

A big part of the popularity of Ultimate Bet among online poker players can be attributed to its exciting game varieties. Of course there are the usual tables for No Limit Texas Holdem which can attract thousands of players at any time of the day.

There are also limit and pot limit Omaha and Holdem tables as well as Seven Card Stud (Hi/Lo), Triple Draw, and Pineapple Poker.

Easier competitions can be enjoyed at the lower limit and micro limit tables for all game variants. However, Ultimate Bet is known for tougher competitions at higher stakes tables. There are plenty of Sharks and Pros at these tables but the games can really get superheated which is actually good for every poker player. If you are preparing to compete at WSOP and WPT, then Ultimate Bet is the best poker room that can train you.

Payment and Withdrawal Options

Ultimate Bet offers that fastest withdrawal transaction. You will be able to get your funds to your preferred payment processor almost immediately. There are 12 different deposit and withdrawal options available for you at the site. These options give you more flexibility in funding your account or withdrawing money from the site.

The Verdict: Is Ultimate Bet Worth Visiting?

Ultimate Bet provides you with a safe and exciting environment to play poker online. New players will get the best bonus with the Ultimate Bet referral code UBRAISE. It offers strong features and excellent customer service for all poker enthusiasts.

Playing Online Poker

Online poker offers poker players a great way for them to enjoy poker whenever and wherever they want. However, it is important that online players make it a point to choose the best poker site for them to spend their time on. With Poker site Reviews you can learn the poker rooms that offer you a lot of opportunities so you can get as much out of your experience as possible.

Before you play poker online, you definitely need to know the rules. Many websites offer rules for all the different poker games. You can even check the poker room website, for example the website supplies all the poker rules. Once you have a good grasp of the basic rules, be sure to read about different poker strategies to increase your odds of winning a hand.

Play with real money or with free play chips? I recommend anyone who wants to play online poker, to start at the free tables. This will really help you get a feel of the online poker room, plus you can’t lose any of your own money! You can always deposit and play for real cash after you get a feel of the poker tables and are used to the raise, call and fold buttons.

online poker rooms

Choosing an Online Poker Room

online poker roomsTo get the best online poker experience you can have, you can research on various poker site reviews to find poker rooms with the most potential for fun and challenge. Exceptional poker players who have made their rounds of online poker rooms have even been known to win seats on poker championship tournaments played over satellite. These tournaments are usually played by the world’s poker elite, featuring games like the world series of poker (WSOP), or Monte Carlo millions.

Before selecting an online poker room to play in, it will be advisable to make sure that the site’s connections have Internet security. It is also preferable to play on a site that has been duly licensed by legitimate online gaming commissions. There are scams by the dozen on the Internet, and it is better keep yourself safe, no matter what a huge fan you are of the card game.

A good online poker room should have capabilities like multi-table playing, compatibility with your operating system, and other features that will allow you to personalize your online poker experience. It would be advantageous for you if you find a poker room that generates a large volume of traffic so there are more games you can join in and even more players to play against.