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Online Casino Loyalty Programs instead of a Players Card

The loyalty and rewards program are some online casino features that are most of the time disregarded by the players. This is happening since people think that they are too little to take into consideration too much.  Some loyalty programs are a scam to just get you to play more, but more reputable player clubs programs (like Total Rewards for Harrah’s casinos) are a great way to score free rooms for playing the games you love.

The promotions that you have available at the online casinos come in many ways. The most popular promotion is the welcome bonus, along with that there are reload bonuses available from time to time and that can offer you a pretty good bankroll boost. And in case the terms and conditions imposed to those bonuses are soft enough you can easily clear the bonus and cash it out if you want.

The online casinos are always coming up with something new in order to be able to offer you the chance to win as you play the games. One of the latest trends is to get free spins for a certain online slot game the moment you sign up for the first time. Others might offer you tickets to daily tournaments where you get to compete against other players and the best one will win. These tournaments allow you to play many different games like blackjack, slots and others.

loyalty programs at casinos

Some of the many casino players cards

By far one of the best opportunities to earn rewards while playing online casino games is represented by the loyalty program. With the help of a VIP program every time you will wager money at an online casino you will automatically earn some bonus points. These points are awarded based on how much you wager and the concept behind all this is very simple: the more you wager the more bonus points you manage to earn. Some online casinos will have different VIP levels and as you manage to earn more points you will be going up the ladder to higher levels where the rewards are higher.

Most of the time at the online casino loyalty programs you will be given 1 Comp Point for every $10 that you wager and afterwards you can exchange 100 Comp points for $1 of cash. At first sight this might not seem like much, but the truth is that if you will stick to one online casino and gamble a lot, this free money will prove to be useful and it will add up to a nice sum.

The online casinos will get you into their VIP rewards club automatically when you sign up and this means that you don’t have to do anything but to start playing your favorite online casino games. There are no limits imposed to how much you can earn with the help of a loyalty program and at the same time there are no special conditions that you have to meet in order to cash out the money after you’ve earned it.

What are Progressive Jackpots?

Casino players who decide to take their gaming to the Internet will want to make sure they know all about what it is that they should be looking for. By choosing a good online casino a player can expect to have a great time and have plenty more chances of winning. On top of locating an online casino run by dependable software, players also want to find one which offers good games, good support, and good promotions. However, players will also want to look for online casinos offering progressive jackpot games players can really get excited over.

A game which offers a progressive jackpot will offer players more chances to win huge amounts of money. The way a progressive jackpot works is that a percentage of the amount wagered on the game will be added to the progressive jackpot. This means that the jackpot can become extremely large. In fact, many of the progressive jackpots can get to be more than a million dollars.

Here is a video from the Hangover Progressive Slot Machine in Windsor hitting a progressive jackpot.

A lot of players don’t realize just how generous the progressive jackpots can be. A simple search on the Internet will reveal some of the largest progressive jackpots that have a lot of money to offer lucky winners. When it comes to locating an online casino that offers plenty of progressive jackpots, players will be glad to learn that most of the popular online casinos do offer them. As long as a player makes sure to check out the reputation and features of the online casino they play on, they can try for those progressive jackpots while they take advantage of good bonuses and other promotions.

Some of the games will offer players to obtain a certain outcome in order to win the progressive jackpot, while many times others can be won at random. Since the rules of a progressive jackpot can be different at each one of the online casinos a player needs to make sure to read the information offered on the casino. For many lucky progressive jackpot winners, the experience has proven to be life changing. Often times, the online casinos can be more generous than the land based casinos and the progressive jackpots can get to be much larger. Anyone looking forward to playing at an online casino will want to be on the lookout for those progressive jackpots since they can add so much opportunity for an online casino player looking for a big win.